Once in Arona, you will have a walk along the lakefront and in the streets of the city to discover its churches, and hanging umbrellas. Arona also possesses the remains of the old city and the populations that lived here. But the most beautiful thing remains the lake.

Arona is a city located near the Alps and Lake Maggiore. It is a city that has developed and diversified over time (from Antiquity to the present day). We can find the Villa Ponti where Napoleon Bonaparte lived but also observe the castle from afar.

During the afternoon a visit will be made to the San Carlo Colossus



7:35 → 8:55 Alessandria-Novara

8:32 → 8:55 Vercelli- Novara

(Students from Alessandria and Vercelli must notify the WhatsApp group at the time of their departure to organize the ticket purchase by the ESN staff at the Novara station)

For Novara students the meeting point is at Novara Station 8:50 (at ticket machine)

The others will join directly the train to Arona cause the time to change train is just 9 minutes!


This event, as 5 october event in Novara, will be free of cost if you participated in institutional events 26 september in Vercelli and 12 october in Alessandria

If you went in only one institutional event we are going to cover 50% of the trip

Registration: http://bit.ly/ESNgoesTOlake


13/10/2018 - 09:00
Lago Maggiore
Meeting Point: 
Novara train station 8:50 (at ticket machine)